As a leading tissue advertising business based in Singapore who stand out among the competition because of the multitude of the high-quality printing services, we offer a wide range of choices to help you boost your marketing campaigns and make sure that you get the best value for minimal price and continue to use our services in the future. We firmly believe that quality is something that should never be compromised on.

We specialize in tissue printing and have a wide portfolio of tissue packs such as wallet tissue, tissue box, PVC tissue and cardboard tissue, which we ensure are of high quality. We have a skilled team of professionals who know what it takes to develop quality prints. Our experience speaks for itself through our portfolio. Over the years, we have completed a large number of projects for some renowned brands such as McDonalds, Virgin Australia, StarHub, Singtel, etc. and are trained to handle your project with extreme efficiency.

With the experience we garnered over the years, our experts know how to make your advertisement stand out from the rest and we can enhance your prints to attract maximum customer’s attention. We focus only on advertising tissue prints and not any other form of printing works.

We are also a social enterprise as we feel that it is our duty to care for the needy in particular, the people with special needs. By creating awareness of the abilities of this community and enabling them to contribute, we hope to form a more inclusive society.

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Our key mission is to develop a long lasting relationship with you that is based on reliability, integrity, consistency and mutual understanding as we extremely value our customers. We aim to live up to the expectations of our customers, while also providing support and enabling people with special needs to be included in the society.


  • Provide most cost-efficient tissue advertising solutions.
  • Provide versatile tissue advertising options to cater to the needs of every customer.
  • Maintaining a consistent quality for all the projects we handle.
  • Build lasting relationships through providing good quality products and optimal customer experience.


  Address: (Office) – Brightway Building, 3 Lorong Bakar Batu #06-03, Singapore 348741

Email: Sales@happytissue.sg

Phone: +65 8338 8478




Over the years we have served almost every segment of the market ranging from large corporate clients to small thriving business. With our dedication we have been able to develop a large satisfied client base. We offer fastest response time and maintain highest standards of quality and that’s what our clients love in the services we render. Most of our clients seem to be happy with our stock quality as well as consistent delivery of high quality solutions; this is something our QC team must be proud of. We always make sure to work in close collaboration with our clients as this allows us to understand their needs better and deliver them the most satisfactory results. They like our dedication towards quality and best customer service. We have always maintained healthy relationships with our clients through our dedicated services and this is what makes our clients more than happy with us.