For obvious reasons, the tissue production has increased tremendously since the necessity of tissue was discovered. The expansion of tissue production was so accenting that it provided a new platform for marketing. Tissue has  become one of the common necessity among the whole population for developed countries. However, tissue is gaining attention in many developing countries too.

As the need for tissues increased, the Japanese were intelligent enough to use the expansion of tissue as an advantage by using it as a marketing technique to market many products. Invented in the 1970’s, tissue marketing has come a long way. It has become one of the most efficient methods of marketing. Tissue marketing is now sprawling globally to make a mark as a necessity and provide a platform for marketing your products economically. This trend however, is surprising. As marketing was believed to be a complex and expensive process., with tissue marketing, innovation has reached a point where every day, a new idea is to be implemented to compete with the changing trend.

When it comes to paper industry, paper for printing takes the most part of the whole production. With advancement and improvisation of living standards in developing countries, the paper market globally has to increase production in order to meet the demand for tissues. Within the developing countries, where the tissues have percolated, using of tissues has become a symbol of high status.


Tissue share in global paper market.

As seen in the above graph, the role of tissues has increased gradually and is believed to increase further. The pie chart speaks for itself showing the emergence of tissue marketing as a new platform for advertising.

The expansion of tissues has also increased the consumption of tissues in other sectors too. Let’s say for example, beauty products. Instead of wiping  face with a piece of cloth, beauticians and cosmeticians are recommending facial tissue. This also comes as improvisation in the developing countries. Even in these facial tissues, marketing is done in tissue packages.  This also is an innovation. If you require blank tissues, then tissue marketing can be done on tissue packages.


Applications of tissue in different sectors.

The above bar-graph shows the consumption of tissues in different forms for different countries. The trend of consumption of tissue has increased enormously. With tissue marketing being introduced to many countries, handing out free tissues has become a common practice among the tissue marketing organizations. Hence, the consumption also increases as tissues are given out freely and these square shaped napkins have multiple applications.

Singapore too is gaining attention on tissue marketing. The trend has increased here too. Thus, the marketing organizations have to come up with new ideas to market their client’s services and products to the common and general population effectively. Happy Tissues, one of the best tissue marketing company in Singapore are known for doing the job of marketing with perfection. The end result delivered by them stands tall in comparison to any other companies offering the same service in Singapore.


A tissue Package Marketing

The above image is an tissue package by Happy Tissues. The creativity they apply in producing your unique tissue is appreciated all over Singapore.

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