Tissue Advertising – Choosing the Right Type of Packs For Your Brand

Tissue Advertising – Choosing the Right Type of Packs For Your Brand

Why is Tissue Pack Advertising So Successful?

A number of factors have contributed to the success of tissue pack advertising, some of which include the fact that tissue printing is more cost-effective than printing ads in newspapers or passing out flyers in the street. As tissues are used as part of the everyday life, the consumers are exposed to the brand messages each time they take out a tissue paper from their pack due to which tissue advertising has great potential when it comes to boosting a brand image or promoting a product, service or campaign.  For more information regarding the impact and effectiveness of tissue advertising, you may refer to our blog here.

We do understand that in today’s highly competitive world, it is absolutely crucial for a business to stay on top of the line and marketing is of extreme importance in this regard. Which is why we at HappyTissue have designed solutions that can help you maximize the efficiency of your campaign while keeping the quality high and the costs to a minimal level. You can check out our portfolio here.

Listed below are the types of tissue packs we offer.


1.Wallet Tissue Printing

Want a tissue pack that is simple yet packs a punch when it comes to efficiency? Then wallet tissue printing is the right choice for you. Convenient to handle and distribute while also being cost-effective, wallet tissue is an effective choice to propel your marketing campaign. Its high reusability means that your brand image is registered with the consumer multiple times. This high-quality tissue packs add a premium feel to your campaign, thus boosting your brand value. Wallet tissue packs have either a gloss or matt finish. Based on your needs and design, our marketing team can you help you choose the right one, to ensure that you make the most of your investment.


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The base material used and the capacity of the colour printing machine determines the quality of the end product. Happytissue uses the optimal thickness and texture for the base material. We also use high capacity printers to ensure clarity and colour richness of the print. 


2. Cardboard Tissue Printing

Cardboard tissue pack offers a much more sturdy and versatile solution. While there is no major difference in the effectiveness between a cardboard and wallet tissue packs, cardboard allows for greater flexibility when it comes to printing a number of colours and in turn providing a wider scope for the range of designs that can be incorporated. Cardboard tissue printing can have 3 or 5 panels, which means you have a larger canvas to showcase your business’ portfolio and market yourself better. Perforated sides give you the flexibility to include coupons or vouchers in the tissue pack and this will definitely help boost the sales performance of your brand.


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Happytissue place a lot of focus on the thickness of the cardboard, having the right thickness enhances the effectiveness of the printed ads. In addition, we use light lamination on the outer cover to make the pack more attractive and increase the water-resistance level of the packs. That aside, the amount of glue used to secure the tissue onto the cardboard is carefully tested to ensure that they are not easily torn out hence assuring that the tissue will remain on your printed ads.  


3. Tissue Box Printing

Nothing speaks brand visibility more than a tissue box with your brand’s name printed on it. With proper distribution, you expose yourself to a wider audience and ensure that the name of your brand is registered with the consumers. Tissue boxes offer a larger canvas with multiple panels that can be used to inform and educate the consumer about your business. These tissue boxes are also a longer-term solution as they are used over a longer period of time and the consumers are repeatedly exposed to your campaign messages.


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Aside from the quality covering and print, Happytissue ensures hygiene by including dust-proof plastic at the opening of every tissue box. This ensures the best user experience to all end-users and thus boost your brand image. 

4. Customized Tissue Pack Printing

Don’t let your imagination be limited to the above tissue packs alone. We also offer customized tissue packs that can be designed to suit your needs and wants. Customized tissue packs set you apart from the rest and provide uniqueness to your brand. Our marketing experts can analyze your needs and provide a suitable design based on it or we can also print a design that you want us to.

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