Tissue Ads – One of the Innovative Marketing Approaches

Tissue Ads – One of the Innovative Marketing Approaches

The Cost-Effective Way To Create Your Brand Identity

The tissue ads aren’t something fancy but they are just two very simple ideas combined together: using customized tissue packs as an innovative marketing and advertising strategy. It can be considered as one powerful method of taking your message into people’s hands directly and creating a brand as well as product awareness.

This particular advertising concept was initiated in Japan, but it is nowadays broadly used in countries throughout Asia. Its popularity is continuously on the rise in most of the other countries across the globe. With proven results, over the years, this particular advertising method has been strengthened as one of the most effective, inexpensive, and reliable mode of advertising.

What makes tissue pack marketing so great?

These ads are better in every respect than some of the other traditional advertisement methods. Tissues are highly functional which allows tissue ads to create a huge impact. They are sure to capture the attention of the public and are readily accepted as well. When people accept these tissue packs, they are sure to retain them for a longer period of time which in turn reinforces the message of your tissue advertising constantly. So many plus points really make this advertisement method a must-to-try one.

Target your desired market at your desired time and place through tissue advertising

Whether you want to target office crowds in some financial district in the morning during rush hours, or elderly people who might be spending some time in the afternoon at some coffee shop, or you want to target university students who might be hanging around during the lunch breaks, these ads just work perfectly for any kind of circumstances in which they are required to perform.

They offer longer expiry dates and are a source of engaging your target customers. Your TV commercial which is played for 30 seconds may just last for a few minutes in the minds of the people. People may read the flyer only once and throw it in some of their nearest bin. No one may be willing to notice some billboards. But the advertisements made through tissue packs are surely a great way of engaging your customers. They will keep these tissue packs with them and will see your message again and again as soon as they will need to use the tissues from the pack.

Why Companies use Tissue Advertising?

There are quite a few reasons for this type of advertising being high in demand and a preferred choice for the companies. First of all, it is an inexpensive option. When companies go for this type of advertising, they just have to bear the costs that might be associated with the purchase of tissues and paying a person to pass the tissue packs out to the public by standing at some busy place.

Furthermore, it’s an efficient method for tissue advertising to your target market specifically. For instance, some beauty salons would only hand out these advertisement tissue packs to women, families with children, etc.

According to most recent data, this type of advertisement technique is almost 100 times as effective as its counterparts. It allows businesses to effectively deliver their message to the target market and yield better results. The effectiveness of tissue pack marketing also lies in the fact that you are delivering something that is of some use to the public. It is not just like some billboard which just stands tall and does no good to the public or some newspaper in which one just wants to check pages of his choice and that interest them. Instead, tissues are functional and one has to use them every now and then. This allows people to give more attention to your business message as compared to what they would have through any other means of advertisement.

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