HappyTissue – Market Leader in Tissue Printing

HappyTissue – Market Leader in Tissue Printing

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Why HappyTissue is the Market Leader in Tissue Printing?

HappyTissue is the trusted name that started offering the first kind of unique marketing solution to businesses since 2011. We are proud to acknowledge that we are the best-specialized tissue advertising firm and stand out from our competitors. The reasons why we are the best are- cost-effectiveness, high quality, and hassle-free solutions. We are specialized in providing high-quality tissue printing services on customized tissue packs. We have earned the title of “Market Leader in Tissue Printing” after years of experience from our satisfied clients. We are trusted for our quality as well as reliability in the tissue printing services.

We provide end to end service of tissue printing with comprehensive solutions starting from the conceptualization of design to storage and distribution of tissue packs. We assist you in choosing the right design and the right packaging so that the full potential of the customized packs are reached to the target customers. Our primary aim is to entice the customers so that they keep those printed ads on the tissue packs with them. Therefore, for this, we focus on investing in additional elements and using quality materials.

How do we work?

We are simply one call away from you. To place your order, you just need to either call us or drop us a mail and we will reach out to you as soon as possible. We will provide you the recommendations and the template with a full quotation. We have in-house designers to work on your design concept or you can use your own artwork and design concept for printing. Our printing department is there to validate the artwork after the design is ready to confirm the artwork design. We ensure quality prints on tissue packs and carry every order with the utmost care and dedication.

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Our Services

We provide high-quality tissue pack printing and marketing services to our clients. We inspire to bring out the maximum potential in the world of tissue advertising. We aim to create various ranges of products for different requirements. Some of our products include-

  • Wallet Tissue Printing
  • Cardboard Tissue Printing
  • Tissue Box Printing

Wallet Tissue Printing

Wallet tissues are simple, convenient, and easy to handle and distribute. Wallet tissue printing is the right choice when it comes to cost-effective advertisements and to propel your marketing campaign. We have our marketing team for you that will help you choose the right option based on your needs and designs. Thus, it adds a premium feel to your campaign and makes your investment worthwhile. The materials we use have optimal thickness and texture for base material. We ensure the clarity and the richness of the color of the print by using high capacity printers.

Some of our Wallet Tissue Printing projects include-

Keppel Group- We render our services to Keppel Group using attractive and relevant colors like red and white with simple designs to highlight their blood donation campaign.

Woodlands Social Centre- We have also helped Woodlands Social Centre with simple and colorful designs to spread the message across for creating a good impact. It is crafted with a simple blend of words and colors.

SONY- We have catered our services to SONY for their transparent tissue packs for their advertisement purposes.

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Cardboard Tissue Printing

There is not much difference between cardboard tissue printing and wallet tissue printing. However, the former provides a more versatile and sturdy solution. The cardboard printing has great flexibility in terms of the number of colors and designs. It contains a certain number of panels which makes the canvas larger to fit in the portfolio of your business which eventually boosts your sales performance. You may choose between 3-panel or 5-panel cardboard tissue printing. Furthermore, we largely focus on the thickness of the cardboard as it enhances the effectiveness of the printed advertisement.

Some of our Cardboard Tissue Printing projects include-

March Jewels- We have catered our services to March Jewels with a blend of bright colors to highlight the quality and the detailed design of the jewelry. It is a cost-efficient way of marketing the products to the customers.

Shopping Guru- We have also reached out to Shopping Guru for making the customers aware of their products and services. We have beautifully provided a brief about their services so that it can grab the attention of the customers while taking out a tissue.

National Cancer Centre- We have served the National Cancer Centre for promoting their campaign of “Patient Support” on cardboard tissue packs. We have crafted with meaningful design and brief information.

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Tissue Box Printing

A tissue box with the name of your brand printed on it gives more brand visibility. It can help you to expose yourself to a wider range of audiences and makes sure that your brand has reached properly to the targeted customers. All you have to do is convey to us the suitable design concept for printing your customized tissue packs. Multiple panels can be created in tissue boxes that offer more information for educating the consumers about the business. It has a long-lasting impression on the audiences with long term solutions. At the same time, we take care of hygiene and therefore, use dust-proof plastic at the opening of the tissue boxes. This helps to promote the best user experience with a loyal brand image.

Some of our Tissue Box Printing projects include-

Milo Coffee cafe- We have provided our customized services to Milo Coffee by providing customized cigarette tissue boxes. This art is something unusual compared to conventional tissue packs and it has greater reuse value. This also helps to expose the brand name to a higher audience.

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Why Choose Us?

Branding Strategy is important for developing a successful brand to achieve certain goals and objectives. It is a long term process and is connected directly with the emotions and needs of the customers and the competitive world. There are different branding strategies for different types of businesses. It is important to execute the branding strategy in such a way that it affects every aspect of the business. Branding with the help of customized tissue packs is a unique and powerful branding tool. We, HappyTissue use this innovative idea to promote your brand for creating an everlasting impact on the targeted audience. Many businesses use this tool for their marketing campaigns since it is an effective way of creating leads and engaging potential customers.

We ensure that we have the right team of experienced personnel and equipment so that we can produce top-quality customized tissue packs. This is the reason why we lead the charts and stand out from our competitors. We provide printing and marketing services at very affordable prices and make sure that the tissue packs convey the proper message to the right audiences. Our customized tissue packs undergo stringent internal quality control, in case the print does not meet our quality control criteria, we are more than happy to reprint the tissue packs at our cost.

Thus, come to us and allow us to serve our best quality, affordable printing, and marketing services along with distribution and warehouse storage services. We are also partnered with social service organizations to optimize their journey to reach for their social mission. We assure you that you will not regret your journey with us in the end.

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