Ways of Promoting Happy Tissue Advertising in Singapore

Ways of Promoting Happy Tissue Advertising in Singapore


Over the years, the corporate industry has come up with many innovative advertising and marketing techniques that may require exorbitant investments and the success rate may also vary depending upon the marketing mode adopted. Not just the corporate industry, all the industries require enormous exposure to compete with rivals, especially those who are starting up a new business. The one big challenge they face is how to market their business with low investment and get satisfying results.

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In Japan, around the 1960s, the marketing technique was getting a new innovation by making use of the common thing that is used by almost every other person. A tissue! So the question of how effective is that method arises and that’s when the recent statistics come into play. According to the recent statistics, people at least see or glance through the piece of tissue they are using. Some people may save it to go through it later, some may save it to remember the address or some people may save it to share it with their friends or colleagues who may need that particular product. So, one way or the other tissue advertising in Singapore is one of the proven and efficient mode of marketing that one can think of using low-cost investment.


Next the question of whom to hire for the tissue marketing service arises. That’s when your problem is made easier because HappyTissue is your best company for this purpose. You may ask, there are hundreds of tissue printing company in all Singapore, then why HappyTissues? Because they could provide high-quality printing services using the best ink and use the best printer available in the market.

They deal with plastic printing as well. And since plastic tends to shrink during the process of printing, HappyTissues ensures that the plastic printed stays for a long time because they believe in long term working relationships.

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How effective is the Tissue Marketing?

This is a question that everyone asks when opting for HappyTissue services. The effectiveness of the marketing technique used by happy tissues to market your product on plastic and paper napkins will allure more clients to the company. This can be checked by conducting a survey on how the clients came to know about the company.

With standard and high-quality services, happy tissues charge the lowest charges compared to exorbitant charges demanded by other napkin printing and marketing companies.


The places to market these tissue packages vary depending on the class of people it’s being marketed upon. For example, If a person is fling business class in an airline, we can promote your product and services easily. Or we can put it up in cabs or issue free tissues near restaurants and so on with tissue advertising in Singapore.

The concept of tissue marketing concept is innovative, affordable, and delivers guaranteed results if promoted in a positive and a right way. This has become the most opted model of marketing in the recent times as the charges for TV commercials, newspaper and internet advertisements are extremely exorbitant

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