Singapore’s Tissue Packs a Punch in Finland!

Design Finland 100+ Business Competition In the turn-September 2017 period, 4 groups of undergraduate and postgraduate students from Singapore had the privilege to represent Singapore at the Design Finland 100 Business Case Seminar. We were one of the participating teams. The four teams were winners of the Design Finland 100 competition, whose aim was to [...]

Tissue Advertising- Choosing the Right Type of Packs

A number of factors have contributed to the success of tissue advertising, some of which include the fact that tissue printing is more cost-effective than printing ads in newspapers or passing out flyers in the street. As tissues are used as part of the everyday life, the consumers are exposed to the brand messages each time they take out a…

3 Reasons Why Brand Consistency is Important

As an workstation, we frequently go over little organizations that are unintentionally harming their brand by attempting to handle their showcasing ‘on the go’ without giving careful consideration to marking rules and consistency with their advertising materials. Numerous organizations are excessively loose with the utilization of their logo, brand shades, slogan, and even with their statement of purpose. While these…

10 Reasons to pick for Tissue-Pack Marketing/Advertising


Tissue Pack Advertising is the next big thing in the world of marketing. Here are Ten Reasons why you must pick Tissue Pack Advertising to fulfill your marketing campaign needs.

1. High Withholding Rate : Unlike flyers or pamphlets, Tissue Packs have a greater withholding rate, ensuring that your message is read.

2. Elasticity : The usage of Tissue Packs is elastic,…

Branding Basics: What It Is, How It Works and Benefits

The primary phase in Product marketing is to understand what an Product is, how branding works, and what it can represent to a business owner. Let’s elucidate branding, groups of branding, and the return for the beginning business owner.
What’s in a Name?
If you have well thought-out what branding is and how it functions, make use of this example. What does…

How to Boost Your Brand Identity

When it comes to appearance, containers are just the beginning. From the prices on your items to the cells document and containers your items are packed and delivered to customers in to the retail store shows used to advertise your items in shops, there are numerous possibilities to turn each and every sale into a promotion opportunity for your organization…

Exclusive and Efficient Advertising Strategies with Happy Tissues

Contending in opposition to big businesses in the marketplace can be a struggle for most small scale companies that do not have a sufficient amount of resources to utilize tri-media advertising (through TV, radio or print). In order to find an edge against their competitors, they can endow in below the line strategies such as advertising through Happy Tissues.

Companies frequently…



Strolling in a park is not a comfort in Japan because of people handing out flyers and tissues. Tissue advertising has become one of the most successful marketing medium when it comes to paper advertising. The outcome of this advertising mode is surprising for many reasons. The first reason would be because it’s cheap.  Secondly, it’s a way of advertising

Choosing Tissues ads campaign from Happy Tissues

 Tissues have become almost imperative to the lives of folk around the world and likewise there are innumerable brands all around. But with Happy Tissues, you get the best stuff.  We make tissues so as to meet up your needs. People can keep them in wallet or car’s dashboard or on the dining table or in the office.

How to market the product among various customers without much expense

How to market the product among various customers without much expense? Marketing is the medium through which one can express that what its entire product is about and what one wants to sell. This is one of the best methods to send the information direct to the consumer but the right mode of marketing is very necessary for the same.…

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